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The Best Spots To Visit In Fort Lauderdale [while you enjoy your favorite coffee from BREW]

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Raise your hand if you have family and friends living up North.

Chances are [if you’re anything like us], you’re taunting them with pictures of sunny South Florida while they suffer the freezing temperatures of the Polar Vortex.

If you aren’t, we highly recommend it. 😉

I mean, we’re talking a 90-100 degree difference in temperature between [most of] North America and Fort Lauderdale. That’s just too cold for our Florida bones to handle! Even thinking about it makes us shiver.

Honestly, though… The coldest thing most of us care to tolerate during February is a cold brew… and even that is best enjoyed in the sunshine!

To us, February, the month of—err—love is more about perfect pairings than anything else. So, we’re here to show you the best places in Fort Lauderdale to enjoy your favorite coffee from BREW, while the weather is oh-so lovely.

Below are 6 great spots in Fort Lauderdale to enjoy your go-to brew.

Here are the best #ThingsToDoAroundBREW

1. Holiday Park

As far as parks go, Holiday Park is basically the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s recreational network. It’s got everything… baseball fields, basketball courts, an exercise circuit, beach volleyball, a football field, soccer goals, a dog park and so much more.

It’s also a hub for Lime and Bird scooters, which make parks days with family and friends that much more adventurous.

If the sun is shining next time you come to BREW [as if often is] then make the most of your day by heading to Holiday Park. Don’t forget to ask about our delicious breakfast options when you’re here. We’re quickly becoming known as one of the best and healthiest breakfast spots in Fort Lauderdale. Besides, breakfast goes a long way when you have a full day of activities planned.

Whether you’re with the kids, walking the pup, or enjoying a casual stroll with a special someone, Holiday Park is a great place to enjoy your favorite coffee on-the-go, get your sillies out, and soak up some vitamin d.


2. Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Let us start by saying, we adore Birch State Park!

This is our favorite spot for a mowzey pace sort of day. There’s a beautiful walking trail lining the intercostal that winds under a canopy of native Florida foliage. There are plenty of benches positioned in front of breathtaking views. And even a playground for the kids.

It doesn’t really matter where you start the walking trail, because no matter what you’re bound to end up at a beachside tunnel that leads right to Fort Lauderdale Beach.

If you really want to tease your relatives this is one of the best spots to snap a picture.

There are multiple bike sharing kiosks by Birch State Park, so once you’re done enjoying your coffee hop on and go for a ride down A1A.

If you ride far enough South, you’ll arrive at our next location—a secluded spot only the locals know about…


3. The Jetties

By the looks of it, not many people know about the Fort Lauderdale jetties. Every time we take a coffee-to-go and make a trip out there, there’s no one else around. It’s basically like having your own private beach.

If you don’t want to fight for beach parking or hunt for a comfortable spot between tourists then this is the place for you.

Take 17th Street Causeway east towards the beach. Make your first right after the bridge [right before the gas station]. You have to do a little hands-on navigating through the neighborhood, which is pleasant sight-seeing in itself. As long as you are gradually heading east/southeast you’ll arrive at your destination.

There is available street parking and a public boardwalk cutting between two condominiums that opens up to the Jetties.

Life Pro Tip: Bring a soccer ball, frisbee or a football with you. There is a lot of room for activity out there!


4. Bubier Park on the Riverwalk

Bubier Park is super close to BREW—only a few blocks south. If you’re visiting Fort Lauderdale on vacation or here on an overnight layover, this is a wonderful area to soak up some local culture and architecture.

Just take your coffee to-go and see for yourself!

A safe, clean walking path lines the river, going all the way from the Broward Center for Performing Arts to NSU Art Museum [another great spot on our list]. The area is very safe and provides a cool vantage point of the ongoing downtown development.

Just so you know, this is one of Dan and Sarah’s favorite spots to take Moses for a midday stroll. 🙂


5. Museum Of Discovery And Science

If you’re destined for the Riverwalk then you have to check out the Museum Of Discovery And Science.

This is a great place for kids of all ages to learn and explore their curiosity. And while they’re busy challenging their minds, you can take a moment to enjoy your go-to BREW and snap some quality family photos in the process.


6. NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale

If you’ve never been to the NSU Art Museum, add it to your bucket list. Our favorite time of day to grab a coffee and head over is right before Happy Hour. That way, you can load some caffeine into your system, relish in some truly fantastic art then hit the bars on Las Olas or downtown FTL for the Happy Hour specials.


Take pride in our parks. They are here for you and your kids to enjoy! [an important message to the locals]

While we’re on the subject of things to do around BREW, we’d like to take a second to inform you about an upcoming Fort Lauderdale Parks Bond essential to our quality of life.

On March 12, 2019, Fort Lauderdale voters will be asked to vote in favor of the Parks Bond, which will generate an estimated $200 million in funding for needed parks improvements and the creation of new parks on city-owned land.

There are tons of reasons to vote in favor of this bond on March 12. Especially if you have kids or plan on starting a family in the near future.

Our friends at Big Picture Broward can tell you all about the benefits of voting in favor of the Parks Bond and how it will create a widespread, positive impact in our community for the next 30 years!

Click here to get all the info in under 5 minutes.

Fe-BREW-ary Fun

Be sure to send photos of you and your family enjoying our beautiful parks to all the snowbirds up North with the hashtag #ThingsToDoAroundBREW

Tease them with these beautiful sights and they may just pack up and move down here before they’re snowed-in for good!


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