A Hidden Gem in Fort Lauderdale.

Locally grown ingredients. Organically driven quality. A selection decided by nature. Sourced daily from vendors within the community, our menu changes with the seasons. Enjoy!

The location of BREW Urban Cafe is part of a collaboration called Next Door at C&I. We call it “BREW Next Door”. It is a destination, an experience to come and soak in while you sip an expertly-crafted coffee or tea. You can watch a photo shoot while you drink deeply, listen to local music and enjoy the bar that is open in the evenings. We’re passionate about the community, the art galleries and small business that we share a street with, the people that come in to our little coffee shop, the experience of it all.

Next Door @ C&I

Next Door @ C&I

Next Door provides a unique atmosphere like no other. We know that experiences you can talk about the next day make life worth living, and we’ve created a space that speaks to the creative soul, the music lover, the artist and the poet in all of us. Next Door is the neighborhood hub for all things arts and culture in Fort Lauderdale. Catch a live show with local bands performing everything from punk to jazz and maybe discover a new sound somewhere in between. Immerse yourself in a great movie in an atmosphere guaranteed to give you a new perspective. Thirsty? Enjoy a sake cocktail or two while lounging with friends and soaking in the atmosphere. At Next Door you won’t be short of entertainment and you won’t be far from all the art happening in Fort Lauderdale.

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Phone (954) 357-3934
Address 537 NW 1ST AVE, FT. LAUDERDALE, FL 33301