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Beat The January Blues With BREW’s Brews

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Everyone’s been doing a great job on the BREW Year’s Resolutions [The Rewards Points don’t lie 🙂 ].

Not only have more and more Fort Lauderdale locals been making BREW their everyday morning routine, but we’ve seen many regulars switching up their go-to brew for a healthier alternative.

It’s also awesome to see that in addition to exploring our delicious coffee concoctions, everyone is also getting into the healthiest habits of all: eating breakfast. 

If you missed our discussion on the health benefits of eating breakfast, and how skipping this one important meal is the first step in forming a sumo wrestler’s body figure, be sure to check out why “Breakfast is BREW-tiful.”

We understand that all these healthy habits—as delicious as they are—can seem like somewhat of a chore. They shouldn’t, but, hey, that’s the consequence of adopting new routines, right?

At this time of year, we’re sure nearly every blog and social media status are encouraging you to stay strong and keep the resolutions going. “You can do it, blah blah blah.” In all honesty, no one really wants that hollow encouragement when all you can think about is bathing your palette in a sugary latte. 

So, we’re not going to do that. In fact, we’re here to do the opposite… 

Enjoy a new year's resolution cheat day at Brew Urban Cafe in Fort Lauderdale

Cheat Days At BREW

Every now and again a cheat day can help realign your dedication to getting healthy and staying healthy. Studies show that it takes approximately 66 days to form a regular habit, as opposed to the previously assumed 21-day schedule. 

Well, it just so happens that we are 21 days into New Year’s Resolutions, which means, by our standards… it’s time for a cheat day. 

So, what to splurge on?

If you were among those who switched up their usual drink for a healthier option then you have to treat yourself to something hot, sweet and milky. We recommend going hot cocoa or a vanilla latte [with a few extra shots of espresso, because that’s what cheat days are for].

If you want to take your New Year’s Resolution cheat day to the next level, every day from 5-7 the bar Next Door at C&I is open for happy hour. Add a shot of bourbon to a warm drip coffee and slip into the sunset with a pleasant buzz. 😉

Don’t stop there. You’re only allowed one cheat day [by conventional standards] so you might as well make it worthwhile. 

enjoy a new year's resolution cheat day at Brew Urban Cafe in Fort Lauderdale

Joining us for breakfast or lunch?

You gotta go bacon, egg and avocado grilled cheese with a side of “spoc tots” [tater tots with a special blend of spices] or sweet potato fries.

But if that is too much for you, order a chocolate croissant and call it a day. Just know that our local pastries are limited so if you’re craving a chocolate croissant or gluten-free muffin you better get here early. 

Let us know how you’re justifying your cheat day!

Be sure to comment below with your New Year’s Resolution and let us know how you’re taking a much-deserved break from your new healthy habits. 

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