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The Benefits Of Switching Up Your Go-To BREW

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We saw a lot of familiar faces and even more newcomers during the first week of 2019. We love hearing [and seeing] all of your stories so keep ‘em coming.

It’s awesome that everyone is getting off to a really good start this year. Especially, Jay Godinez, who found the first BREW Gift Card during this month’s first weekly scavenger hunt in Fort Lauderdale. You clearly have a “good sense of direction” for 2019, Jay. 😉

Speaking of good sense of direction for 2019, if you established your new BREW-tine and racked up double rewards points during the first week of January, then chances are you’ve reached lucky number 10. Which means… it’s time for your first free drink of the new year.

Now—aside from splurging on the usual triple shot latte with oatmilk—maybe it’s time to explore some new preparations.

Or should we say, “switch up your go-to brew.”

But where to begin?

Well, since part of the new year is about forming good habits, how about trying a healthier coffee drink? Who knows, it may just be a better option than your regular brew.

The Health Benefits Of Coffee
Keep reading to see if you should switch up your go-to brew for a healthier alternative, or if you’ve been drinking the healthiest brew all along.

Last year we talked about the health benefits of coffee…

…how a cup of joe a day can improve your memory, and how the mere smell of coffee can make you smarter. These are just a few added benefits in a long list of positive side-effects associated with coffee, such as, lowering your risk of liver cancer and reducing your risk for type 2 diabetes.

More famously, however, is the fact that coffee [in moderate quantities] can reduce one’s risk of heart disease. This, however, is where the type of coffee you drink and the way it is prepared really comes into play.


…we took a deep dive into the various health benefits of different brewing methods to help you establish the best BREW-tine for 2019.

“All espresso is coffee, but not all coffee is espresso.”

Coffee beans contain two natural oils: cafestol and kahweol. These are largely responsible for coffee’s incredible array of aromas and flavors. Turns out they are also responsible for the nutritious quality of your coffee. And this, my friends, is altered by how your coffee is prepared.

For instance, if your coffee is brewed using a V60 filter or Aeropress then fewer oils from coffee beans are transmitted into your cup. Whereas if your coffee is unfiltered—brewed using a French Press or standard espresso drip, for instance—then larger amounts of oils find their way into your drink.

Drinking unfiltered coffee increases the amount of oils in your cup and raises low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels—known as “bad” cholesterol. Medical research shows that higher LDL levels are associated with an increased risk for heart disease.

Now, before you panic and convert your French press into a gourmet tea kettle [which is not a bad idea] you should know that this increased risk in heart disease will only affect those who consume 5-6 cups of coffee daily.

Don’t believe us? Take it from Dr. Martijn B. Katan—a Professor of Food Sciences at Wageningen University:

“Unfiltered coffee has much less effect on your heart disease risk than smoking, high blood pressure or being overweight. But if you want to optimize your cholesterol levels, you should avoid large daily amounts of unfiltered coffee.” [Read Full Article]

So, if you’re currently drinking unfiltered coffee and think you’d benefit by switching to a filtered brew from time to time try one of our most popular filtered recipes.

Just ask your barista about our daily drip coffees, pour-overs, and our variety of hand-brewed recipes, like the V60 pour-over, which really brings out the subtle notes and flavors of our select roasts for a clean, balanced cup of coffee.

But, wait! There’s more…

The Health Benefits of Coffee

Filtered coffee is undoubtedly healthier than unfiltered coffee. But… what can we say, when you’re craving a latte it’s pretty hard to deviate.

So, if you’re destined for an unfiltered brew on your next visit, but still want to act on your healthy New Year’s Resolution, all you have to ask yourself is this… Iced or Hot?

You see, iced coffee affects our bodies differently than hot coffee. Iced coffee is less acidic with about 67% less acid than hot coffee. Iced coffee is, according to scientific study, less abrasive on our tooth enamel and easier on the stomach, which is a huge benefit to the digestive system.

If you really want to maximize your good habits in 2019 then perhaps an iced, filtered coffee is your best option. During your next visit, talk to your barista about the ChemX [iced] or the king of all iced coffees, the Cold BREW. 

If you still haven’t racked up enough rewards points for a free drink, tune into Instagram this Friday for clues to our weekly scavenger hunt! A BREW Gift Card will be hidden in either Flagler Village, Holiday Park, or the Riverwalk for one lucky explorer to find. Be the first one to reach the hidden location to claim your prize then explore our menu until you discover your new go-to brew.

If you have any tasty recommendations you’d like to share, comment below!

Who knows, you may inspire a regular coffee aficionado to change up their usual BREW-tine.


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