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There’s something brewing in Flagler Village…

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Flagler Village has been our home for years… Before there was a Henry’s Sandwich Shop… Before there was a Nobleman’s Barbershop… Before the Brightline Train… And yes, even before locals even thought to come to FATVillage.

Honestly, we have been around long enough to see our neighborhood transform into the true artistic hub of Fort Lauderdale.

By the way, an awesome new mural was just finished on the Extra Space storage building facing 4th Avenue. It stands 80×80 feet! If you haven’t seen it yet, grab a coffee to-go and snap some Insta-worthy pics before you check out the top 6 spots to enjoy a coffee in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale's Favorite Coffeehouse

Anyway, today there seems to be a brand new coffee shop opening every single week in Flagler Village. All it takes is a single scooter ride on a Lime or Byrd to see that they are popping up on nearly every corner.


Is there any one coffeehouse you can go to for locally baked pastries, locally roasted coffees, seasonal, Florida-style coffee concoctions, live music [performed by local bands] and even community events unique to Fort Lauderdale?

That’s why BREW stands out as Fort Lauderdale’s favorite coffeehouse [at least, in our opinion].

We have been active in the community for some time now. Over the years, we have incorporated some of the best local flavors and activities into our experience.


Because we love Fort Lauderdale and all the people who work hard every single day to make it stand out as one of the most vibrant destinations in South Florida.

Just last year, Fort Lauderdale ranked #2 in the top 10 spring break destinations in the world [Miami was #8]. Which goes to show you, Fort Lauderdale has unique experiences to offer both locals and visitors—snowbirds included!

Fort Lauderdale's favorite coffeehouse

So, what can you expect when you head to BREW for your daily coffee intake?

Let us start by saying, we have been proudly serving locally roasted artisan coffees from our friends at Wells Coffee Co. since our opening.

In fact, A.J. worked for us for quite a while before dedicating herself to the art of roasting coffee. Next time you head to Wells say hey to her for us!

When you join us for a cup of brew this week, choose between these signature Wells’ blends…

1. Ethiopian Hambela—a delicately sweet and intricately composed medium-light roast. [Used in pour-over recipes].

2. Guatemalan Las Lomas—an uplifting blend with mild notes of almond, honeydew and caramel [Perfect in the V60 Aeropress and ChemX].

3. Ethiopian Guji—a robust blend [Currently used in our cold brew]

4. Espresso N0.9—a chocolatey, creamy and approachable espresso, with delightful notes of dried fruit and citrus.

The reason we love Wells coffees so much is that their flavors are so diverse, which gives our baristas the ability to create some unique concoctions you won’t find anyplace else.

Matt and James will be rolling out a new seasonal drink menu just in time for Spring so stay tuned!

Secondly, every single day we offer freshly baked goods from the best bakery on Las Olas: Gran Forno.

Gran Forno’s dedication to quality ingredients and old world technique is rare. You really won’t find anything quite like it in Fort Lauderdale, so it’s no wonder they are one of our longest standing partners.

Word of advice: their chocolate croissants are a thing of beauty, so next time you stop by treat yo’self.

Lastly, we serve a delicious combo of savory and healthy breakfast & lunch items prepared by Next Door.

Every single day Next Door serves Bacon + Egg and Cheese sandwiches, Spiced Avocado Toast, Avocado + Egg Grilled Cheese, S.P.O.C. Tots and sweet potato fries fresh to order.

Fort Lauderdale's Favorite Coffeehouse

On Saturdays and Sundays, the bartenders and chef Next Door join our baristas to treat BREW patrons to brunch.

All weekend long you can pair signature Pork Belly Eggs Benedict and Chicken & Waffles with brunch-worthy Champagne cocktails, like bottomless Pomosas and Mimosas [just to name a few]. We also host live music during the day on Saturdays and Sundays… I mean, what’s brunch without a ukulele accent to brighten up the mood. 🙂

Every day, Next Door at C&I stays open for Happy Hour and during the weekends they host local musicians for live performances. These aren’t cover bands either. These artists play original music! If you’re a local then you know live music has been a longtime love for Next Door at C&I.

This month, we really want to treat all of our regulars to a taste of Fort Lauderdale so we are currently working to get all of our vendors [and a few special guests] together for an exclusive “cupping event.

We’ll share details as soon as they become available so tune-in next week for updates!

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