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What Does ‘Specialty Coffee’ Actually Mean?

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As a classification, specialty coffee showcases individual origins by providing the crop’s best flavors. Specialty coffee typically consists of coffee graded 80 or higher on a scale of 100; all studying each crop’s profile via body, acidity, varietal, altitude and other signifiers unique to the growing process.

Nowadays, it seems the term “specialty coffee” is tossed around lightly. Apparently, any coffeehouse smaller than a Starbucks can order quality roasts, print the phrase on their welcoming sign and voila they are among the elite of coffee curators.

To us, specialty coffee involves much more than just sourcing quality ingredients, though.

Specialty coffee is personal. It embodies more than the phrase implies. It’s not something that should be printed on a menu willie-nilly.

You see, in our eyes, specialty coffee is the art of curating beautifully rich recipes; of experimenting with new concoctions; of sourcing quality ingredients and treating them with great care; and providing a communal experience that our guests won’t find elsewhere.

We have never used the term “specialty coffee” as an accolade to reinforce our presence because it is all we do here. If you read our website (the Welcome page, Who We Are page, or Our Coffee page) you won’t find the term “specialty coffee” printed anywhere.

That’s just not our style.

Specialty Coffee is something we have always deeply cared about. It is not something we ever thought to advertise. It is something you all bestowed upon us because you love our coffee, appreciate our dedication and value our flavors.

So, let’s talk about the drinks you all love the most and what makes them so unique!

1. v60 Pour Over

Specialty Coffee Downtown Fort Lauderdale

This is typically seen as the most popular manual brew method with its easy accessibility and super clean flavor. This method utilizes a paper filter to help sift through all the miscellaneous grinds, as well as to help extract the oils and enhance the flavors of the coffee.

2. Lavender Latte

Specialty Coffee Downtown Fort Lauderdale

The lavender latte is a crowd favorite. It has everything our guests love about our coffee shop in it: coffee (duh) but with something new and different added to it. Our homemade lavender oils pack the brew with floral notes, which is a welcomed addition to any new and old coffee-enthusiasts’ palate.

3. Cappuccino

Specialty coffee downtown Fort Lauderdale

Okay, so there are more unique concoctions than the cappuccino, which can be found in nearly every coffee house. But it still makes the list as one of our top sellers. Why are our cappuccinos so popular you ask? It all comes down to the ratio: 2 oz. liquid espresso, 2 oz. liquid milk, and 2 oz frothy crema. The monstrosities popular at Starbucks and elsewhere take ratio for granted. For the most delicious cappuccino, we recommend you order an actual coffee mug and enjoy it in-house with us. 🙂

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