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Fort Lauderdale Coffee Culture

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You: “So, what’s good here?”

Barista: “Well, that all depends… everyone pretty much has a personalized routine. Some people stick to one style of beverage all year long. Rain or shine; summer or “winter,” some regulars go cold brew and nothing else. While others change up their beverage every single day—especially when cashing in ten rewards points for a free coffee.”

You: “Hmmm, decisions… decisions. I’ll have a [blank]”

Perfect Pairings

[You, BREW, and Your Favorite Beverages]

We entertain a wide variety of personalities and characters every single day. We honestly wouldn’t want it any other way. Simply put, we love our community and all the people who make Fort Lauderdale worth living in.

As you might already know, BREW is an everyday place where everyone is invited… and where everyone gets along.

We want you to feel welcome every time you walk through our doors, so we make a point to remember who you are.


It’s kind of hard keeping track of all the names and faces.

So, we invented our own type of recall strategy [and a perfect pairings game, which you can play below].

Why Fort Lauderdale Locals Love BREW

Have you ever heard of a mnemonic device?

These are memory techniques that help learners recall larger pieces of information, especially in the form of lists, like characteristics.

The first thing you absolutely need to know about mnemonic devices is that the “m” is silent.

Secondly, there are nine basic types of mnemonic devices: music, name, expression/word, model, ode/rhyme, note organization, image, connection and spelling.

We want to discuss the possibility of a tenth… coffee mnemonics: remembering people based on what they typically drink at BREW.

Over the years we’ve come to notice that certain guests gravitate towards certain beverages. This could be decided by profession, caffeine tolerance, budget, taste preference, history, healthy habits, daily agenda, and so on.

So, if our baristas don’t know your name [yet], chances are they remember you by what you drink.

Behind the bar, we call this “perfect pairings.”

Now, naturally, there is no absolute methodology for categorizing our diverse clientele by who drinks what. And that is also by no means what we are trying to accomplish here. Labels are restrictive, and we would never classify our guests like that.

However, we still thought we’d have a little fun, so we created a memory exercise based on who is most likely to drink what.

And we want you all to play along. 🙂

Below are two lists: one composed of different types of people, the second composed of different types of coffee concoctions offered at BREW.

Write us in the comments section below and let us know WHO is most likely to drink WHAT. [For example, “The Hipster and…”]

Then next time you stop in for your go-to brew, take a look around and see if you guessed right.

family owned coffeehouses
The Hipster
family owned coffeehouses
The Professional
family owned coffeehouses
The Student
family owned coffeehouses
The Parent
family owned coffeehouses
The Police Officer
family owned coffeehouses
family owned coffeehouses
family owned coffeehouses
family owned coffeehouses
family owned coffeehouses

Oh, and if you’d rather our baristas know you by name rather than beverage, introduce yourself next time you stop by.

We’ll give you a cheatsheet on our baristas’ names so you can have an upper-hand for the introduction phase.

Dan, Sarah, & Moses


  • Matt, who I never remembered seeing before, knew exactly what I usually ordered, and I come in like once a month. I was def shocked. Reading this gave me an aha moment. That day I ended up trying something new that he suggested. Oh yea, this article is the only reason I remembered his name. #ILoveBrewUrbanCafe

    • Looking forward to seeing you next time, Candice! You definitely have to come in more than once a month though… and be sure to introduce yourself to Matt next time lol. Also, fyi, we started serving breakfast and lunch every day, so hopefully we’ll be seeing you more often! Until next time. 🙂

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