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You’re a part of the big picture. Embrace it!

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Are you passionate about the local community, like us?

In our many years of business, we’ve seen some big changes in the local area, with Downtown and FATVillage being particular focal points. There’s been a massive influx of people to Broward and a serious expansion of arts and culture in the community.

Seeing so many small and large business owners, artists, students, entrepreneurs, police officers, young professionals, realtors, and everyone in between regularly stop by for a cup of brew inspires us to not only stay involved locally but to encourage all of you to do the same.

That’s why we’re always keen to share local happenings, especially those that our regulars could really gain something from.

Have you heard of Big Picture Broward?

Big Picture Broward is a community forum who are actively encouraging the community to get involved on a local level through social media, blogging, and events. And they’re hosting a FREE Q&A next week!

Fort Lauderdale Community Events

We first learned of Big Picture Broward in 2018.

Since coming into the scene, they have been big proponents of the most impactful discussions to happen in Fort Lauderdale. Such as the recent Parks Bond, the Penny Sales Tax, solving the homeless crisis, and ways to strengthen connectivity between core areas of the city, like improving pedestrian access to Flagler Village — Whoop! Whoop!

Based on their track record, the topics they support are all issues we deeply care about.

It’s not all politics with Big Picture Broward, though.

They’re locals, and what do us locals enjoy most? Good food, good drink, and beautiful beaches.

It’s no surprise then that they also provide a ton of really useful info about local living, like Fort Lauderdale’s recent restaurant renaissance and the best spring and summer tips for locals.

If you liked our recent blog on the 6 best spots around Fort Lauderdale to take your BREW to-go [which, judging by the analytics, most of you did], then you’ll definitely enjoy what the folks at Big Picture Broward have to say.

Speaking of…

If you are passionate about local issues and all the really positive changes taking place throughout the city then clear your calendar on Tuesday, April 9th from 7 PM – 9 PM.

Fort Lauderdale: A Story In Progress is an exclusive Q&A, featuring four of Fort Lauderdale’s leading entrepreneurs.

The panel:

  • Tim Petrillo – Co-Founder & CEO, The Restaurant People
  • Alan Hooper – Founder & President, Hooper Construction
  • Robert Lochrie III – Partner, Lochrie & Chakras PA
  • Steve Hudson – President, Hudson Capital Group

For those who don’t know, these guys are all natives to Fort Lauderdale. They grew up here. Went to school here. Established their careers here. And started families here. They actually all grew up together, which is pretty cool, and helped initiate this new era of local living that we love so much.

We can totally get on board with that mindset!

The event will be an open discussion led by event chair Jaime Sturgis, CEO/Founder of Native Realty and hosted by our friends at C&I Studios. There will be plenty of opportunities to bounce questions off the panel to learn about upcoming points of interest in the city and how we can all contribute to Fort Lauderdale’s improved quality of life.

This is going to be a really cool chance to get involved and learn how our city first started progressing. And, with a few tips and tricks from the panel, we’ll be able to ensure it continues to grow in the right direction and for the right reasons.

The event is free! Big Picture Broward just asks that we RSVP on Eventbrite since The Restaurant People will be providing free food and Next Door at C&I will be providing free drinks to everyone who attends.

Hopefully, we’ll see all of you there!

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