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Summer Drink Season is in Full Bloom

Hello Again!

It is officially summer here in sunny South Florida, and that means a few things:

first, of course, is that you can no longer be outside for any amount of time without sweating, and second, it’s summer drink season!

Summer drinks at Brew

As promised, the team has been working on some refreshing summer drinks, and we are excited to announce the first of them, “Bloom.” It’s a shaken iced tea with some lavender and honey added to it, and it is oh so refreshing. Come in and ask Matt to make it, and you’ll make his day.

Oh and one quick thing about Matt… There was this latte art competition at SubCulture Coffee open to people from all over South Florida, and our boy Matty won the whole darn thing. We think it’s a big deal, but please don’t tell him, we don’t want him getting a big head. Or going too crazy during summer drink season. 😉

Back in the summer drinks… we are working on a few more that should be introduced soon, but we are also open to suggestions. Been dying to put some orange slices in your cold brew? Let us know! We may think you are weird, but will certainly hear you out.

summer drink season

We also wanted to take a moment to introduce another key member of our team, Lindsey Creech. Lindsey is a South Florida native and is our manager. What that means is you won’t see a lot of the things that Lindsey does, but all of those things make your experience at BREW so much better.

A few things you should know about her, Lindsey came to work for BREW after working several years at the Nordstrom Ebar, and as such she has had a great amount of experience in hospitality. She loves ensuring that everyone who comes through our doors has the best possible experience. Lindsey also has a twin sister, so if you are ever out and you see someone and think, “hey that looks just like Lindsey from BREW, but also kinda not just like her,” well you are probably right.

Lastly, and this is just bragging because we love her, but Lindsey is probably the hardest working person we have ever encountered. She goes the extra mile every day, so please please please, when you visit next be sure to give her a high five.

We hope the start to your summer has been fantastic, and that we will see all of your faces in BREW soon!


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