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A New Year, a New Beginning: Introducing the BREW Blog

Happy New Year! We hope 2018 has been good to you thus far, filled with excellent cups of coffee, good conversation and beautiful days.
We’re glad you’ve made your way over to our brand new blog! If you haven’t explored our website yet, I encourage you to do so – there is a lot to be seen and photos of all we offer here for you to crave until your next visit.
BREW Urban Café has a unique history in Fort Lauderdale that we are very proud of. BREW was the very first specialty coffee shop in South Florida opening its doors in 2000 and it’s been around in one form or another since then. The owners have changed a few times, and its now owned by us: Dan and Sarah, who you will see often around the coffee shop, and the authors of this blog.
Fort Lauderdale has seen specialty coffee shops blossom from the ground up in the last several years, and we’re so happy to see this industry we love growing so much in this city that we love.

We’re passionate about local, passionate about coffee, and passionate about the community we’re serving. Fort Lauderdale has so many local gems that we love to visit and in FAT and Flagler Village local businesses continue to open their doors. 
We love exploring our city and supporting local, and we want to share that with you – so part of this blog will be dedicated to us visiting local coffee shops, restaurants, and businesses that we think make Fort Lauderdale so special.
This will be the place you will come to know what we’re up to at our little coffee shop: The coffees that we are serving that we think are wonderful, different brew methods that we are featuring, the events that happen each month here in Next Door and in FAT + Flagler Village. If you’ve been here, you know our space is unique in that we share Next Door with C&I Studios. This allows for some really special events as well as a full-time bar that opens Monday-Saturday.

We have a small team here at BREW, baristas that are passionate about coffee, as well as their own ventures. Don’t worry, we will be introducing you to them here, so you feel more at home when you visit – or so perhaps you can learn a few new things about your baristas that make you coffee every day.
If you haven’t met Dan and Sarah yet, introduce yourselves! We would love to meet you! We’re around every day and we hope you love our little coffee shop as much as we do.
Come, make yourselves at home with your favorite coffee or tea, something tasty to eat and a good book.

- Dan, Sarah, and Moses (who will arrive late February)

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