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Did you know your next cup of coffee may one day power your city?

Last month we talked about the introduction of coffee into Europe during the 16th century and how it helped catapult civilization into the modern era.

Basically, coffee led to a worldwide transition from mass inebriation to caffeinated alertness, becoming the catalyst of the Enlightenment and spawning an age where equality between the rich and poor, as well as the standard of living throughout the civilized world, improved drastically. [Full Article]

Now… some 400 years later, coffee is back to save the day.

The [literal] power of coffee #PoweredbyCoffee

In the 16th century, the greatest danger to the population was contaminated drinking water. This was why everyone’s diets involved the non-stop consumption of booze. Whether you were male or female, rich or poor, old or young… you drank pretty much all day long.

Today’s greatest danger, however, comes in the form of man-made waste.

The plastic epidemic is very serious and climate change is very real. We’re killing our planet. The amount of trash we create, the number of fossil fuels we burn and the extent of resources we exploit are all taking their toll.

Our most common sources for energy creation are outdated and dangerous and we are starting to see these negative impacts worldwide.

Fortunately, innovators are responding.

Among them is clean technology company Bio-bean. Their award-winning technology allows them to recycle waste from coffee grounds into advanced biofuels that can be used instead of fossil fuels to power cities.

If you don’t know how huge this energy innovation is then let us ask you this…

Do you know how many cups of coffee are served worldwide each day?

A. Over 1 billion

B.Over 2 billion

C. Over 3 billion

D. Over 4 billion


B: Every single day over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are served around the world.

Clearly, coffee is one of the biggest agricultural products of our time. It is served in virtually every developed country across the planet. And now, thanks to Bio-Bean it will someday power those very countries.

Who is Bio-Bean?

“Based in London, Bio-bean is the first company to industrialize the process of converting waste coffee grounds into sustainable biofuels and biochemicals. Working alongside existing energy and waste infrastructure, Bio-Bean is working towards developing carbon-neutral products that will make fossil fuels and chemicals obsolete.” Check out the full article for a look inside the world’s first coffee-recycling, energy-converting, city-saving process.

Bio-Bean’s innovative clean energy technology marks a change in the way we create and convert energy. On October 10, it was reported that one of America’s oldest coal companies filed for bankruptcy. Bad news for some – great news for basically the rest of the planet. What we’re experiencing here is a major shift in energy creation and consumption.

Currently, the Bio-Bean processing plant is able to transform 50,000 tonnes of coffee waste into fuel per year, which makes up 1 in 10 of the coffees drunk every year in the UK. And this is just the beginning.

We think it’s safe to say that coffee is both the crop of our past and our future. With Bio-Bean’s radical innovation it is even more important that we protect what is proving to be the most impactful cultivation in human history.

Read about the unlikely guardian of coffee to learn about the future of your favorite drink. [Full Article]

So, what does all of this mean for you? 

Well… in short, someday (very soon hopefully) your daily visit to BREW may actually end up powering your city just as it powers your day! 🙂

See you soon!

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