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Happy New Year, South Florida!

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It’s a BREW-year! Start a new BREW-tine for the BREW-you!

[Earn 2x Reward Points throughout January]

We don’t know about you, but we had an exciting 2018.

With the addition of our new bundle of joy, Moses, BREW quite literally became a family business overnight. We will never forget the first family we had down here, though…all of you—our community!

Since the beginning, we’ve been involved in everything local. From the FATVillage Artwalks to joining Next Door at C&I in hosting some really cool community events and art showings, to partnering with local vendors to incorporate new, thoughtful flavors to our rotating menu.

In part, that’s why BREW is known as the “Hidden Gem Of Fort Lauderdale.”


As Flagler Village continues to develop and attract more and more businesses, and even cooler residents and passersby, our little coffee shop isn’t so hidden anymore.

As we look out of our front doors to welcome the New Year, we can’t help but gleam with excitement over all the new hotels and residences breaking ground in our neighborhood. We’ve heard that some 1,200 people are moving to the area annually, but those numbers don’t really dawn on you until you see all the building taking place. With The Whitney residences, The Flagler Village Hotel, The Dal Mar, Archco Metropolitan and so much more popping up in the neighborhood it’s exciting to think that our community-family is going to get much much bigger.

All of this development will create a lot of new community amenities for everyone to enjoy: breweries, restaurants, movie theaters, bars, and, yes, other coffee shops. When it comes to establishing your daily routine, though, we believe our selection of artisan coffees [and all the really awesome people who visit our shop daily] will make your every day that much more fulfilling. 

And what of the non-daily routines? 

Just know that whether you are arriving or departing the Brightline Train, catching a concert at Revolution Live, going to an IMAX screening at The Museum Of Discovery and Science, or hitting our world famous beaches on the weekend, our doors will be open.

BREW Urban Cafe. Earn 2x Reward Points Through January
Start your New Year’s Resolution off on the right foot with BREW. Earn 2x Reward Points through January.

To kickstart 2019 and help everyone establish their new BREW-tine…

we are offering 2x Reward Points on purchases throughout the month of January. Call it a belated Christmas Present. 🙂 What better way to immerse yourself in Fort Lauderdale living, right?

All you have to do is sign up for our BREW Rewards Program on your next visit to start racking up the points. Earn 10 points and your next drink is free!

Why are we doing this?

Because we want everyone—natives, locals, visitors and newcomers—to enjoy one of the most authentic coffee experiences in Fort Lauderdale. When you get here, we’ll let the quality of our coffee, our delicious food menu, and the sight of our stunning floor-to-ceiling bookshelf speak for itself.

Throughout the month of January, we will be serving a selection of locally roasted Wells Coffees from exotic regions around the world so you can embrace 2019 more energized and satisfied than ever before.

Do you like drinking drip coffees? We’re serving Ethiopian Hankute—a medium roast with notes of strawberry-blueberry mint.

Prefer manual brews? We have a selection of different styles from the V60 to the Aeropress and ChemX. Choose between the Kenyan Gichathaini, which is teeming with bright, vibrant flavors of blackberry. Or try the Guatemalan Las Lomas with mild notes of almond and honeydew.

Maybe you’re switching up your daily coffee intake from a manual brew to espresso-based concoctions? Throughout January we’ll have an awesome espresso blend with flavors of caramel, chocolate and stone fruit.

Whatever your preference is, with 2x Reward Points you will be able to explore our menu, try unlikely preparations and splurge on over-the-top free drinks with every 10 Reward Points you earn.

So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re a native, local or newcomer, BREW is here to make your new year even better! In fact, we think it’s safe to say that a BREW-tine will be the absolute best part of 2019!

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